About "Lorena Guillén Tango Duo":

(Lorena Guillén, voice; Alejandro Rutty, piano)
 Argentine-born singer Lorena Guillén presents tango music as found in its natural environment, the "night clubs" of Buenos Aires, where one can hear a voice singing the standards of this sensual Argentine musical expression. Introducing each piece with informative and entertaining comments, Guillén guides the audience through a colorful gallery of archetypical tango characters and stories, what enhances their involvement and appreciation for this music. Argentine composer Alejandro Rutty accompanies with piano.
Since its inception, The Lorena Guillén Tango Duo has performed alone and with guest musicians in a variety of venues around the country: The Mary Seaton Ballroom at Kleinhans Hall (Buffalo, NY), the Amherst saxophone Quartet Concert Series (NY), the Calumet Arts Cafe (NY), Bennington College (VT), Hartwick College Summer Festival (NY), University of Maryland-College Park (MD), Reutgers University, (NJ), Frick Museum's Summer Concet Series (PE), Mallarmé Players Concert Series (Durham, NC), Elon University (NC), Music-For-A-Great-Space" Concert Series.
Searching for new sounds, the Lorena Guillén Tango Duo has collaborated with many renowned tango musicians such as bassist Pablo Aslán, guitar player Pancho Navarro, bandoneón players Tito Castro and David Alsina, and with versatile American players from other musical fields such as saxophonists Susan Fancher and Mark Engebretson, harpist Sonja Inglefield, the Amherst Saxophone Quartet and the Red Clay Saxophone Quartet. Several of these collaborations have converged into Guillén’s tango CD Never Too Tango.
Alejandro Rutty’s tango arrangements explore a diversity of colors, some of them associated with the traditional tango and other more adventurous instrumentations, but always treated with the typical tango inflections creating in this manner a new sound world that at the same time keeps the original flavor.

For more information about the members of the duo go to: www.lorenaguillenmusic.blogspot.com; www.alejandrorutty.com