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Never Too Tango!
by Tom Moore
The Classical Voice of North Carolina, February 2010

…a concert which introduced listeners to such fine music in performances on the level of sheer perfection. Bravi tutti!

…"Café 1930" ( from Histoire du tango by Astor Piazzolla), slow and pathétique, achieved a transcendent Bachian perfection in the Quartet's rendition of the maggiore – a moment of sheer bliss and nostalgia.

…Lorena Guillén, a diminutive figure but a major presence on stage, with each word and syllable delivered with consummate grace and rhythm, inflected to the maximum, without a hint of overdone sentiment or kitsch, as dry as the driest martini, bringing out all the wit and feeling of the lyrics. The way she lingered on the second syllable of "Nostalgias" drew a hot tear from this world-weary reviewer's eye – like a knife to the heart.

…one might admire, unhindered, the expressive and virtuoso touch of Rutty as pianist, equal in merit to his spouse as interpreter, who translated at sight the lyrics for each tango before singing.